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A point scale to measure ones sexual experience.

Determined by the following:
For each person you have "been" with, you receive ONE of the following scores (choosing the highest point value that applies)

Kiss: 1 point
Roaming hands: 2 points
Oral sex, hand job/fingering: 3 points
Sex: 4 points
Anything kinky, anal, etc.: 5 points
Nicki kissed Jimmy, who she met at a bar, once. They never saw each other again.
1 point

Nicki and Marshal got handsy on the couch. This was the farthest they ever got.
2 points

Nicki let her teacher Mr. Simonek finger her for some extra cred, but only once.
3 points

Nicki gave Stewart head in the childrens museum. This was the extent of their relationship.
3 points

Nicki lost her virginity to Walter.
4 points

Nicki lost it again to Scooter..
4 points

And again to Ralphie.
4 points

Aaaaaand again to Matthias.
4 points

And then, she joined the mile high club with the pilot of Continental flight 415, in the cockpit.
5 points

Nicki and Rashad got it on on his dad's tractor... with whipped cream and bondage. This was the farthest Rashad let them go.
5 points

Nicki is a ho. She has 35 ho points.
by alinic73 April 20, 2010
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