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girl that will give it up to any guy or girl like a dog in heat
"Dude yo sister is a ho dog"
by Julie April 27, 2003
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A person who is socially awkward and extremely shy but was raised to be the fastest swimming mammal in the world.
Hodog can't come hang out because he has swim practice 8 times a week.
by Seanx8 June 22, 2017
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A dirty sketchy slutty dude.

Most likely never showers, has long greasy hair, and is in a band.
I know its so wrong, but I want some of that tasty hodog meat.
by Footpad November 09, 2010
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a person who dresses and acts like a surfer but does not actually surf. a.k.a. poser
surfer 1: "Dude!"
surfer 2: "huh"
1: "Check out those hodogs mackin on your lady."
2: "Dude they can't get none, they got no tan."
by Alex Ray J October 08, 2006
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