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Pain, cantankerous individual commonly inhabiting blogs and postings.
Local celebrity infamous for witless postings and selfseeking attitide. Causes dissent for his entertainment.
Fool. Bigot. One who can only see his view.

Childish attitude that the word revolves around him.
After deceased individual of same name. Originated and used in areas of the South.
"Hmmiller must be on the rag again."
"He is pulling an Hmmiller and listening to no one."
"Need to remind the preacher to remember all the HMMillers in Sunday prayers."
"Son, you don't want to grow up and be an HMMiller"
I guess every town has their hmmiller"
"ole Hmmiller was so bored that he would argue up was down just for arguement's sake"
by latishaRE August 31, 2009
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