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an offset of MySpace geared toward the Christian audience and those of us who are slightly appalled if not outright offended by the sexual reference and encouraged stalking practices that can be found on MySpace, also known as a place for bible thumping christians to befriend other bible thumping christians && spread their bible thumping christian ways to the rest of the world, some feel that it's a nice slightly less vulgor alternative to MySpace when really in all actuallity the only reason so many teens are on hhs is because they have found that the proxy blockers at their schools haven't started to block it yet, therefore they think they can be hardXcore && continue to chat with their friends on hhs while at school.
omg have you checked out hisholyspace it's like a totally pure enviornment, it's so much cleaner than MySpace, plus, you can get on it at school!!!!!
by XmyloveX89 September 24, 2007
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