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Pronounced hip sss tur maam.
A hipster mom is a fashionable yet realistic woman, sporting leggings or high waisted jeans. She premakes lunches every once and a while to ensure her kids are healthy and local. Music and dance session occur daily, sometimes even after the kids go to bed. These moms take selfies with their kids, raid Instagram when they go to the park, and go on Pinterest for fun. A hipster mom encourages Disney, outdoor play and the entire family looking fresh. Preferred drinks of hipster moms include good beers and boxed wine.
Those girls in high waist jeans and Disney shirts are totally hipster moms, they were stylish at the park and had homegrown salad with dinner.
by Mrkl June 26, 2016
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A mom who try's to be cool to every extent. This rare creature may use hashtags in real life, say LOL like l-ol, or wears a shirt that says YOLO.

Common Antonyms: Social life.
I have a hipster mom, she's pretty annoying.
by TheBestBird April 08, 2016
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