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Noun: An adolescent who is a product of the "Hillbilly Highway," the in-migration of folks from the South to cities like Detroit in search of higher wages and opportunity. The "Hillwhigger" is the spawn of hard drinking and usually uneducated parents from the hills and coal mines of West Virginia, yet is environmentally affected by their urban surroundings: African American fashion, music, and dialect. Most "Hillwhiggers" succumb to a heightened level of teen angst due to the purgatorial nature of their existence.

The "Hillwhigger" often displays acts of fake violence and often imitates mob mentality and "beatdowns" as depicted in the music they are influenced by. They often have what is called "retard strength," which is inherited from the genetics of their coal miner and hillbilly ancestors. Some, though, feign strength of character through loud and violent talk and mannerisms; again, learned through the mimicry of gangsta' rap. They will either own "pits" or "rots," which again mimics the propensities of the urban African American.

The "Hillwhigger" is a relatively newer phenomenon (1980s-late 1990s). The VAST majority have outgrown of this adolescent stage and recall this period of their lives with amusement, shame, and embarrassment.

The "Hillwhigger" is a musicologist; they have memorized nearly all classic country songs and rap songs produced from 1979-1995.
OMG! Is that an actual 30-year-old Hillwhigger? I thought they wereextict? What 30-year-old wears Used Jeans and an NWA T-shirt? And what is he listening to "Strawberry Wine" in his '86 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z?

Dude, is that a "Hillwhigger"? Do NOT get caught staring at them; they are prone to violence. " WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!" yells the "Hillwhigger" as he catches the two well clad Gross Pointers staring at him.
by Fat Danny June 27, 2014
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