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To stop being friends with someone or dislike them for absolutely no tangible reason whatsoever. Derived from the catty antics of The Hills Girls.

When the reason for the hate is given, the term hillsing can no longer be used for there is now a reason for the dislike. (So to hills, ignore said person till the issue snowballs to the point where if a confrontation ever happens, no one can be believed and claws will come out.)
Person 1 - That bitch is totally hillsing me. I haven't done anything to her.
Person 2 - Wow, how bitchy.

Person 3 - OMG! Lauren totally just Hillsed Heidi. And can you believe Brody did the same to Spencer?
Person 4 - Damn. If you care about this stuff, you have no life.
Person 5 - Did you hear? Aly got hillsed by Jess and now they are totally ignoring eachother. If they meet, i hope no one dies.
Person 4 - America these days...*Walks away in disgust*
by chrissyd May 14, 2008
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