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1. a ruffian or hoodlum of highschool age. often found in groups(highschooligans) soliciting outside of convinience stores or malls. They engage in miscreint antics and can be frequently found begging people for cigarettes and skateboarding.
Those damn highschooligans stole my lawn statues for a scavenger hunt.
by RYAN D N January 09, 2009
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Main Entry: Highschooligan
Pronunciation: hI'skΓΌlΒ·liΒ·gan
Function: noun
Etymology: hoodlum in a school especially in the U.S. usually including grades 9-12 or 10-12.

Basically any punk in highschool with more attitude than a virgin without a drivers license is allowed. Check for cleverly askew trucker hat.
I think the new Justin Timberlake video came out, those highschooligans are all wearing a new hat.
by Domino October 13, 2004
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