The inability to be apart from your significant other for more than two seconds. Usually involves hordes of sex that the two engaged in the relationship will later find out was absolutely horrible, but at the time they though that's just how it was supposed to be. Both people usually become annoying to their friends and fight about ridiculous things. Topped off, normally, by a pregnancy scare.
Teddy: Hey man, wanna go to the football game?
Jason: Nah, I have to go sit in a room with my girlfriend and have a lot of sex that will be over in one to two minutes, ya know.... because we're in a highschool relationship.
Teddy: I don't like you anymore man, you're a loser.
Jason: But I love her.

(Jason and his girlfriend will break up after two days of being apart, because it's "too hard." Really, they just want to bang someone else.)
by Michael Oberland April 14, 2006
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