That feeling of being so high you only exist in your mind and lose connection with your physical form.
Like I’m not regular high man I’m full on mind high
by Raven Xyvren January 25, 2022
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An extremely popular song, movie, book, t.v. show, band etc. that is really bad (not to be confused with a cult classic)
High School Musical is cute as a Disney Channel Original Movie, but the fact that it has become so popular not just among small children but High Schoolers and adults to the point of the rights being for rent as a live show has made it a <i>High School Mind Drainer</i>
by eebnupasplee November 20, 2006
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When someone is politely trying to tell you that you leave in a bazinga world and that you have no clue, but we are friends/we live in a society where we need to respect each other.
'I can’t see how your very high-minded consideration affect my point'
by DAMCOS August 28, 2020
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When two high minds create one high idea, normally awful.
My friend and I were both really high and we were both talking and it was just kinda born. A high minds baby.
by BallisticMouse September 14, 2017
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