Coined by social media influencer and artist Florence Given. To be hetrified is to feel uncomfortable (and at times cringe) when witnessing heteronormative behaviour that normalises gender roles, sexism, homophobia, unhealthy relationship dynamics or abuse.
Person 1: Their relationship in this movie was really stereotypical and unhealthy.

Person 2: I know! It's hetrifying.
by MRaven13 March 01, 2021
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The act of scaring someone into thinking that being heterosexual is morally incorrect or looked down upon by society.
P1: I love how Rutvik has to be like "but for real, I'm NOT gay" any time we roast him in a homosexual context.
P2: Yeah, like everyone jokes about that kinda shit. It feels like he kinda lowkey hates gays lmao.
P1: We can hetrify him when an actual gay person calls him out one day. Then he'll realise how visibly condescending he's being.
by BoT_D4ve September 02, 2019
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