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adj. Used to describe someone who is homosexual and has the desire to experiment with the opposite sex. The state of mind could be a graduial decline or a heriditary trait. Most people find their true inner sexual desire during their years at college, where they might decide to dabble with members of the other sex.
After beginning to dabble with Andy soon realized that his orientation needed to be changed to hetero-curious.
by abcg March 13, 2005
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A homosexual with a nagging interest in switching back to straight-hood. At this juncture in their life, the individual is approximately 60% gay, 40% straight.
Did you see Big Gay Bruce check out the rack on that waitress? I'm worried he's heterocurious.
by Whitmore & Roth January 19, 2011
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Hetero-curious: A man/woman that generally self-identifies as homosexual, but makes out with members of the opposite sex on occasion. This most often occurs with the consumption of alcohol or drugs.
Example: "Oh, watch out for him at parties, once he's drunk he's totally hetero-curious."
by Bad_Kitty13 May 19, 2007
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