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Noun; hesst•er
Refer to term: hessin'

A person who obsesses over, harasses or stalks those who have chosen to live the hessin' lifestyle. Can be male or female. This person is usually extremely envious toward those who hess, because he or she cannot afford to live the lifestyle themselves. Therefore, this person's only option is to remain on the outside and only dream of being "in" .
Girl: "I'm going to make up hurtful definitions on Urban Dictionary after I get home from school and finish all of my homework!! "

Guy: "First of all, this ain't hessin' so this ain't cool .. Secondly, you're one nerdy ass hesster bitch."

Friend1: "OMG!! I had a dream last night that I was hessin' !!"

Friend2: "I wish we could be that cool... Hey, by the way, can we carpool tonight when we go to look into the windows of that party we weren't cool enough to be invited to!?"

Friend1's attractive older sister: "Gross, you guys are such hessters!!!!!!!"
by GOTEMMMMMM September 22, 2011
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