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herpes, gonorrhea, siphillis, chlamidia, aids, hepatitis, vaginitis, and crabs in one, easy to pronounce word
dude, i heard that someone in our school has herpagonasiphillchlamaidshepcrabvagitis! apparently, five hundred billion years ago, she was created by satan and god was so super pissed so he froze her in liquid carbonite and threw her to the depths of hell. well as the world grew older, she got ever closer to the surface of the planet. sources say that in 1927, african scientists found her and unfroze her body and she made each of them do the naughty with her. now there was one scientist for every disease she carried and each could only receive one of the diseases so herpes passed to one, chlamadia to another, until they all passed. then she had the scientists go to all parts of the world to spread the diseases so she can become stronger. that's how all std's were created and then spread throughout the world:)
by Das Coq July 30, 2009
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