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A high state of mind or condition whereupon the recipient of herbal remedies has a clear and thorough understanding of some of life's most complex realizations. Usually the more treatments, the clearer the picture.
Vrinion: Dude, check this out. Cars that have tires on their rims are so much more quieter and run smoother than knuckleheads whose cars don't have any tires on their rims whatsoever. People who drive their cars without tires on their rims need to change their odd and bizarre ways.
Jadu: You're right Vrin. You are truly, and totally, the herbaceous master of the SW Realm.
Vrin: I know. I am well aware of some of my herbaceous qualities. If I may so, I've known about these tendencies for awhile now and am, well, comfortable being .... an herbaceous kind of guy.
by jethrojones November 12, 2007
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