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Hepzibah is an ancient name first used in the Bible - it belonged to a queen and was used to address the nation of Israel. Hepzibah is spelled several other ways, such as: Hephzibah, Chephzibah, Hepsibah.

Hepzibah is the name of several fictional characters: Hepzibah Smith was a witch in the Harry Potter books, Hepzibah Pychenon was a character in the Seven Gables, and Hepzibah was a Marvel-created superhero.

There are two notable people with the name Hepzibah: Hepzibah Sessa, Musician and rock star
Hepzibah Nanna, Pastor and evangelist
Hephzibah is also a town in West Virginia and Georgia
Jesus declares His people "Hepzibah," which means My delight is in her
by PrettyLovaticGames September 20, 2016
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