she is the beautiful girl in the world, she is always very crazy and quite weird. She likes inappropriate stuff and makes dirty jokes she never says the word 'no' and will always give boys chances. this is because she is low key a slut she is extremely bubbly and loves making new friends. she will always feel bad for no apparent reason. She is ALWAYS on her computer playing video games and watching anime bc what a weeb! she thinks she isn't sporty, but sports is in her blood. She is probably on of the most fit person you have ever known!

she is great at languages, especially chinese, and is a very social person. She never cares about how she looks and rarely showers. When she does shower, she does it well bc scrub scrub motherfucker. She is very beautiful but doesn't think highly of herself and is very insecure.

She is always very generous and always gives rather than accepts gifts. She is absolutely amazing at singing and dancing. she loves ballet. Music is her life. She will be a person who plays many many many instruments. She is very rich and comes from a great family who respects god, even though her family preaches and believes she doesn't really believe or care. even though she does because she is a seriously devout christian. amen. She can be very mean but you gotta love her! She is EXTREMELY brave and loves everyone! Literally everyone. She is the love of my life. I love you henry. I know you're reading this my hunny bunny
side hoe #1: hey are you dating henry fu
main hoe: yeah back off slut
side hoes #1-100: ok fine whatever

side hoes #1-100: listens to "someone like you" on repeat
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by Stormmmmmm May 21, 2018
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