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noun: a person who help people from heart.
verb: to help people from heart.

Community: where the group of people who help each other with what they are good at(sharing) and what they can do for others (caring). To spread the love, To connect as human being.
Jon: Joe is a helpeep. He helps friends for nothing! He does it only because he feels good about it.
Jone: That's cool! I wanna be a helpeep also!

Joe: Hey! did you hear that Jon was helpeeping last night? I can't believe it..
Jen: well, I like to helpeep too! It's the new movement right now! Let's helpeep!
Joe: that's true! I see a lot of people doing that these days.. It's like Pay it Forward! cool!

Helpeep community is where people help each other without any expectation of money or other returns. whenever you need help with whatever, Helpeeps will be there to help you with what they can do.
Such as giving a ride, sharing/teaching you computer languages, sending money(donation) to others in need, taking your dog for a walk, going to grocery shopping for people who can move well due to health condition, offering your living room sofa to crash for a night....and more!
by Osamu March 25, 2016
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