an expression of great excitement or if someone is positive about an event
CrazyEyes: So are we gonna go chill tonight
Chemp: hells ya!
by blah December 10, 2004
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Me (Black Person): Did you see that shit?
You (Not Black Person): Hells Ya!!!
Me (Black Person): Did you just say hells ya? What the fuck is that?
by meatwadspimplady December 16, 2006
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Or HYFYSY for short. Because why say "hell ya" or "fuck ya" when you can say "HELL YA FUCK YA SHIT YA"!?
Jack: "Dude, I was thinking we'll hit this rooftop bar for happy hour, then crush this dank new Korean fusion spot. How's that sound?"

Brad: "Oh HELL YA FUCK YA SHIT YA!!! I'm in AF!"
by Schroed April 13, 2021
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