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Basically, it can mean "very," "very good," or "very X," where X is an attribute frequently associated with the hellafied object in question.

Not to be confused with hellafried, hellafied comes from the back-formation of hella, queer-ass California slang for "very."

This site has definitions for hellified, an alternative spelling of the term.
"The bitch sucks a hellified dick."

- Dr. Dre
by Shintriad March 21, 2004
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like "hella", from Bay Area ? California USA parlance ... with some added emphasis i.e. "fied" at the end.
"With a hellafied gangsta lean
I'm gettin funky on the mic, like an an old batch of collard greens"
snoop, paid tha cost to be the boss. circa 1997
by Carzye May 26, 2008
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