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heisy is mostly a Hispanic that has an amazing booty and her face is adorable . she is very lovable and is super popular in her school . she will play the teachers with the innocent act but once with freinds she'll get out of her shell . amazing beauty !
lily-heisy is a bitch
everyone stops ,stares at her , and attacks!
by Andrea gonzalez June 24, 2014
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Is a Pokémon that when she evolves she will turn into Big Chungus and will sing the Rawr x3 song
I caught Heisy
by My mom is gay January 30, 2019
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Two lesbian retards that love each other to the very end. They will scissor each other, and Kiss all night.
I couldn't sleep last night cuz Heisy/Elsi were being to loud banging each other, SMH!!
by GAYASSKID69420 March 10, 2020
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