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1.) a porn nerd who was born in 1937. he invntd many homosxual sex toys including the hand-crank ass plug and the dangling dilinger (we still have no idea of what the device does, but it is shaped like a hammerhead shark.) in 1967, he declared the greatest gay inventor next to sir issac newton and ben franklin. in 1968, however, he was mysteriously kidnapped by the us military to make an invention that would make veitnam tremble. he failed in doing so and was dropped off in front of a war camp. he was hld prisonor for the next 4 years. after his return to the us, he wrote a book of his expirience in veitnam simply titled "please put more brokn glass in my ass" it won the noble prize for gaiest book ever written, exceeding huckleberry fin. now in 1973, he went to franc for a visit of his dear grandmother. she died the second he walked in the door. he thought that he could hav sex the corpse before it was found. he did and the cops walked in by the time he ripped the eyes out made love to the sockets. he served 15 years. in prison, he became a white supremist and wrote one of the famous doctrines in the homosexual neo-nazi chapter ever. the book was entitled "rise of the pink panzer". 37 copies have been sold till this day. after he left prison, he led an uprising of gay nazis and took over the country of belguim. this take over took 3 days. when he took position of dictator, he forced all men to be gay or executed and the woman had to be lesbians. he set news rules that no one liked. the people began an uprise and one day broke into his office. they raped him to death on his balcony. he was sent to hospital and died of AIDS on febraury 14, 1989.

2.) a douche
1.) did you see that heinz bush movie? what a FGT!

2.) wow, that dude's a heinz bush
by mfjeek December 27, 2006
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