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Hedgery refers to any hedge plantings (whether grouped symmetrically or asymmetrically) that tend to become overgrown, on purpose, to exhibit the defiant wildness and power of nature and may indicate the rebelliousness of the property owner. Hedgeries may be irritating to neighbors in manicured communities, and are generally more appreciated in a country setting. Well clipped and trained shrubbery is more appropriate to manicured communities. A hedgery may be composed of foliage or flowering plants, including but not limited to those used in shrubbery. Bougainvillea, Fuchsia, and berry bushes are common examples of Hedgery plants.
Have you ever seen such blooms as those on Marge's Fuchsia hedgery?

You know Laurel, we're going to have to speak to the Nesbit's. I swear, since they took the place over from Alice and Dan, that beautiful Bougainvillea shrubbery on the side has turned into a flipping hedgery! It needs clipping desperate, for every time a body walks by they get slapped in the face with a branch of it. Those thorns are a danger to the eyes of every passer by, although the flowers are quite lovely.
by martiehen August 14, 2011
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