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The notion that the heat index is a number made up by government conspiracy despite the fact the National Weather Service adopted the heat index in 1980 because it explains how relative humidity affects the temperature the body perceives. Heat wave denial was first said by Fox News Radio Host Dr Rush "I'm still a fat-ass, pill popping drug addict with more money than you'll ever see" Limbaugh on July 21, 2011. This was in response to the fact that almost 2/3 of the US was under some kind of heat advisory. In other words, Dr. Fatass wants you to trust what he says and not what your body tells you. Sad part is in this nation of retards and dumb fucks, there are many who believe what this bloated bag of gas and drugs has to say.
Mike: Terry just told me the heat index is a hoax.
Joe: Terry's in heat index denial. He's been watching Fox News again.
by fauxnewsbuster July 23, 2011
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