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The act of shaving someone's head bald. A lot of people think this is just using clippers to buzz their hair really short, but they're not doing it right. A real headshave consists of buzzing hair really short and then using shaving cream and a razor to shave it clean. To the skin.

If someone says "oh look i'm shaving my head", ask them whether they'll use shaving cream. Most of the time, they'll say, "No, I don't want to be completely hairless!" Then you'll know you've found someone who thinks they're shaving their head, but they're just getting a buzzcut.
I gave Sofia a headshave last night. I buzzed her head and then used shaving cream. She didn't have a single hair on her skull when she left this morning.
by A Guy Harmonizer (FIGHT ME) January 15, 2017
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