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The most pathetic lazy-a** excuse to not git up off yer butt and help your young son to do something,. like any self-respecting parent should do.
Employing the pathetic and abusive "he has to learn" method is not only unkind and wasteful of time and your little one's patience (plus its true effectiveness has never been proven), but it can also be downright dangerous in at least four ways --- the child may likely injure himself in his attempts to "do it right", he may get "artificially" discouraged about trying to do the task since he is not succeeding (it could also cause him to prematurely β€œgive up” in his overall approach to problem-solving in general, and so he will not adequately perseverance with anything new/difficult in his future life), he will begin to hate you for not helping him and for allowing him to become so frustrated (especially if the task was a fairly simple one where just one or two minor β€œguidings” would have shown him how to do it), and he may behave more spitefully --- or even violently --- with you sometime in the future if "push comes to shove" and he actually has a choice of actions that could severely affect you physically/financially, such as defending your safety or managing/dividing your assets.
by QuacksO November 11, 2018
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