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Haylon is very nice person he has the stupidest but really funny jokes. If one of his friends are sad then he will say something very nice and funny to cheer them up he is really outgoing and likes to play basketball.
dude haylon is so nice and funny he just told me the most funniest joke.
by Chole12 May 17, 2018
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haylon is a very nice guy he likes to make sure his friends are always happy. haylon is a really funny guy and likes to make his friends smile. Every time i feel sad he is very nice and makes me happy again. Haylon can keep secrets, and he does not tell lies about you. Haylon likes to play basketball, and he does not like telling lies he says it makes him feel bad. I hope that me and haylon can stay friends for a long time
dude haylon is so nice.

Girl: i know i like being friends with him
by Chole12 May 24, 2018
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