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Referred to the the OG crew running gobal and expanding spreading gnarliness all over the world. Mainly concentrated around the middle east, europe and north america, the hawals continue conquering new lands and planting seeds in the local females. The hawals dominate emerging as alpha males and continue to prove this by merking random fools. They can be identified by secret calls sounding like balakah, JA and usually are emmited at deafening decibels. It is advised to take cover and usually avoid when the hawals start emerging loud calls of JA. More information on the hawals is yet to be learned, it is hoped that the groupies the hawals roll with can shed some light on this complicated multi ethnic species.
JA! Balaikha! Chaya Chaya! Benchod! - Hawal calls to watch out for. Example 2- You fucking hawal! Example 3- Fanuq Sauce
by Fezzy fez March 20, 2009
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The round table of G's, a group established somewhere around January, 2007; (119 Font) Lake Merced, California. 7-9 young men, in their 20's, 4 Arabs, 1 Italian, 1 Pakistani, 1 Californian Gujrati, a 1/2white-1/2black LA cat, and a black dude from Chicago. They are known to have thrown some awesome parties, and some have been found commuting to an island that have never been heard of; Bahrain(recently known as "The Kingdom of Bahrain"). They are still a growing movement, and will continue coming up with fresh&innovative ways to be "Real".
hawal: arabic version of the English word Nigga. 2 can be used alternatively to mean friend, buddy, comrade. can also be used as an unhostile insult; e.g, "you're such a fuckin hawal". can be used to refer to anyone to appearing to be of African, middle eastern, Central Asian, Indian or Pakistani' e.g; "that guy is such a fuckin hawal!". can also suggest one who behaves as if of a low class or scoundrel; "you eat like such a fuckin hawal!"
by stfubeez03 December 22, 2008
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