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Hatemiration is the feeling of hatred towards an individual or group of individuals who possess (or are perceived to possess) a quality or set of qualities that the hatemirer admires. Since hatemiration is a deeply contradictory and often blatantly irrational feeling, it is frequently suppressed, the hatemirer commonly preferring instead to pretend s/he just hates the individual/group s/he hatemires. It's usually a front for deep prejudice, although the hatemirer, of course, would never admit to that. (Confusingly, any expression of the feeling can also be inverted, ie the hatemirer professes admiration for the (perceived) qualities of the individual/group in question whilst leaving little doubt s/he wishes they did not possess them.)
#1: I HATE Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

#2 (inverted hatemiration ("admirtred"?): Those Jaimaican sprinters sure are brilliant, AREN'T THEY?
by bikeridetothemoon April 09, 2014
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