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A game from the US version of the TV show The Office.
Involves paper football, with the ante upped by a huge dislike/hate of a neighboring co-worker.

Kevin: We call it Hateball.

Jim: Why?

Kevin: Because of how much Angela hates it.

(Angela glares at Kevin)
by Daniel Chao January 01, 2008
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That ball or sphere that sits in your stomach area which you fill up from time to time with hate. Thinking about lazy people, stupid people, crap places, crap ass retards will fill it up and power that engine that motivates you when positive thoughts do nothing for you.
My hate ball was near empty when I drove through the ninth ward and saw all these folks sitting on their porch when they should be working and paying taxes and by the time i left it was filled all the way up and it energized me.
by nonstickcoyote December 19, 2010
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