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An erection caused mainly or solely based on the desire to get back or hurt someone.
Or to feel such strong feeling of hate towards a person or someone close to a person and to use your erected girth as a weapon of mental warfare
I hate this bloke call Tommy. Tom has numerous sisters and a girlfriend so based on the desire to piss off tom and not because i find any of them attractive. I sleep with them by aquiring a "hate erection" other possible situations indicative of "hate erection" include

"my girlfriend hasn't let me fuck her in 2 days man!"
"punish her"
"yeah hate erection"
I hate Noel so much to the point that I could get a "hate erection" and fuck him so as to scar him to the point he is not on televison anymore. Even though im not gay
by Captain Jim Gregory December 22, 2008
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