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An exotic person with a charismatic personality known for his beauty, courage and being talkative. People with this name are extremely determined and once any idea or desire gets in their brain it is very hard to knock it out. In arabic hassaan means banana whereas in urdu it means extremely intelligent and very kind. People with this name are very romantic as it also means "lover"also they are well renowned for their adventurous sex positions and loving style, often caught sidebitching.
1. Hassaan is very kind and caring.
2. Be hassaan not hasaan.
by MHAX May 02, 2014
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\"hassaan\" has its roots in arabic, which means the beauty of something.That something maybe hospitality, an art, a skill, etc. It is related to the word \"haseen\" in arabic, which\'s literal meaning is \"beautiful\".
by hassaan_manj September 23, 2003
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Hassaan is a great person with numerous qualities and charm within him. If you've him in your life you're a blessed person because he will prove out to be a great friend, great lover, a very well-wisher and a very helpful person. He has the best nature and the purest heart. He is filled with enthusiasm and is ready to take up challenges and not only take up he'll make sure to win that challenge. For him letting go of opportunities is a big no and that's what makes him different from others. Apart from being a very intelligent person he is a great lover. He'll make sure to take care of you and love you in all your ups and downs. His love will be beyond your imagination and he'll never take credits for it. He'll make you feel like you're on top of the world and in the midst of all this you'll realise that he has become your world. And that's how my Hassaan is, and there is no other like him. ❤️
Never ever let go of Hassaan .
by HJ__ May 28, 2018
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tall stupid boy who asks too many quetsions, such as "would you rather be chinese or japanese?"
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
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