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The feeling you experience after a long period of smoking. Much like a hangover you would experience after a long period of drinking. Symptoms include loss of motivation, an overwhelming urge to eat everything in site, temporary body paralyzation where you are stuck on a couch or in a bed for a long period of time, excessive sleeping, short term memory loss.
"Dude, I got so stoned off those bong rips from a couple hours ago now I have a killer hashover. Bring me some treats, I can't move!"


"Man, I really wish we wouldn't have smoked 20 bowls last night. I woke up with a killer hashover and forgot I had an exam at 8am."
by JSimpsonBMcintyre January 25, 2009
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It is the same as "hash out" and it means to review or to go over something once again.
"Let's hash over the suggested solution!"
by narvan March 21, 2009
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