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Seppuku, (Sape-puu-kuu) the Japanese formal language term for ritual suicide (Hara-kiri Har-rah-kee-ree is the common language term.), was an integral aspect of feudal Japan (1192-1868). It developed as an integral part of the code of bushido and the discipline of the samurai warrior class.
Hara-kiri, which literally means "stomach cutting" is a particularly painful method of self-destruction, and prior to the emergence of the samurai as a professional warrior class, was totally foreign to the Japanese......All the matters relating to the act was carefully prescribed and carried out in the most meticulous manner. The most conspicuous participant, other than the victim, was the kaishaku (kie-shah-kuu), or assistant, who was responsible for cutting off the victim's head after he had sliced his abdomen open. The was generally a close friend or associate of the condemned.
I had better get this report done for Mrs. Rojas before I committ hary karry.
by Shahara January 06, 2008
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