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A harlena is a large beast that roams small towns looking for children to eat.If a harlena is spotted, you must stand completely still, so it cannot see you. The only to terminate a harlena is to stab it in the eye with a rusty fork, shoot it in the heart with a silver bullet with a rittle engraved on it, because harlenas are very stupid creatures, or trap it in a room with a math equation written on the wall. Harlenas prowl late at night, and if one was to approach you, it will probbably try to offer you a bag full of baby legs. a harlenas weakness is food, it will eat todlers, babies, kittens, or kids with down syndrome. A harlena is no laughing matter, and they can be stopped. All you have to do is use these guidelines to stop one.
Holy shit, is that a harlena outside of that daycare center over there?
by blackfromthewaistdownmmmmmhhhm December 10, 2009
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Large scary animal also known as, The Man Bear Pig. It eats babies and likes to push old people down stairs. It believes that it cries black tears. It believes it is goth, but dresses preppy beyond belief. It can knock you across a basketball court with one tiny touch of her finger. Its mating sounds like a moose. You will notice when this animal is near when the sun gets blotted out. It usually responds by staying, "HARLENA HUNGRY!!" Thats when you get your ass out of the country and go to Iraq. The only you can save yourself from this animal is if you stab it in the eye with a rusty fork. It wears clothes way too small for itself so it can try to fit it. Did it eats babies? WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Watch out on Wednesdays. It is it's feeding day. It thirsts for the blood of the innocent. If you see this animal ANYWHERE, call this number, 1-800-RUN-FOR-YOUR-LIFE!!!!
"Harlena is a beast, and not in the good way either."
by Anonymous Writerrrr December 04, 2009
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