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1. A kid who is the most thugged out pimp you'll over meet, if you get on his bad side, thats it for you, you'll never see the light of day again.
2. The hottest kid you'll ever meet. He makes all the other guys jealous of his huge biceps and his ripped abs, and makes all the girls want him.
3. The queerest kid ever. This kid is such a queer that simply saying his name can make someone laugh. This kid is so utmostly queer that he is a pimp and a G, who no one will question.
1. Dude I met with a harish rajaram yesterday, and after what he did to that niggah I don't wanna question his judgement no more.
2. Oh my god, do you know harish rajaram? He's the hottest thing i've ever seen.

3. That harish rajaram strutted down the aisle in a retarded manner.
by Sexy Indian Kid February 19, 2010
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