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this word has multiple deffinitions.

1. a gay orgy, a hardparty occurs when all of the homosexual males are fully erect

2. when multiple erect penises enter the same orifice at one time

3. some kid from xbox live's who has a squeaky ass voice and a stupid ass gamertag, kid is a weirdo and never stops talking about his leather belt, also lives in canada
gay guy 1: we had the wildest hardparty lastnight at jimmy's place
gay guy 2: damn, i wish you invited me! i was stuck at home masturbating to a video on youtube of elton john's live performance of candle in the wind :(

chris and eric took their cocks and shoved them into maria's asshole simultaneously

Hardparty: you love my leather belt! i attend st. claire's in windsor! it's in canada! *awkward squeak*
by wmcorkindale817 January 25, 2009
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