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1. A person, usually mid to young twenties, who thinks they are extremely tough and brute when in fact they are not.

2. A hardass hawkins usually gives the appearance of a young hobo with disturbing facial hair and always wears a camouflage hat.

3. When a hardass hawkins consumes any sort of alcoholic beverages they grow 3ft taller, become invincible and head but or punch random hard objects. Ex "doors, walls, tailgates, friends and current girlfriends"

4. A hardass hawkins in fact has to sit down to pee and wipes after a #2 from the back to the front
" Hey, whos that hobo kid squatting of his tail gate taking a leak?'

"I bet you its one of those hardass hawkins'"

"Yea, more like a softass hawkins"
by Master Of Sketchiness November 24, 2011
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