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The polish version of scouting. There are two types of people: the people that actually care and will devote there lives to this and the other people that just do it to meet new people and for free booze. The organization begins to brainwash these kids at 3 years old and if your lucky you won’t give in to the madness and torture, if your unlucky you’ll continue this until you die (btw u don’t get paid) This organization has taken over the world. They try to teach you the dumbest shit for example: to define every bird you see, how to build a hut out of sticks and motherfuckin string and sleep there, and the date of every fucking historic event in the god damn world. Like do these niggas really think we give a shit, like do you really think that I’m ever going to be in a situation where I’m going to have to sleep outside or know when the first polish prince got baptized.
Yolanta: harcerstwo?
Ewelina: miss me with that gay shit
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A highly contagious illness that is rapidly spreading throughout the world. Parents blindly send their children to this brainwashing facility and it is a problem. This organization is run by a bunch of polaks who convince these 3-18 year olds that their worth is determined based on the amount of points their team gets. You earn points by cooking food on a fucking fire, winning a game of dwa ognie (ratchet dodgeball), and kissing up to the adults. There's the try hard Jersey guys who annoy the fuck out of everyone. The normal people who only joined for free booze and trips around the world. The hot Australians. The west coast rebellious fuckboys. The east coast party girls. The traditional Candanians who don't tolerate games around the bonfire. Like damn idek what harcerstwo is myself.
Anka: Harcerstwo?
Majka: Co to ma być?
by That one crazy bitchhhhh July 23, 2018
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