When one begins hitting keys at random without meaning to, sometimes confusing the person you are instant messaging. While irritating, button happy people need only take a deep breath and calm themselves down. Please, for the sake of those of us who were born calm, slow the hell down.

Every individual will suffer from this disorder at some point in there lives, but there are treatments available. While most cases are generally mild and require no medical intervention, if the button happiness persists, the only cure is to give up all internet, cell phone use, facebook, myspace, skype, blogging, etc. If you won't do it for your self, do it for those who have to watch you suffer and try to decipher your words...
ugh. I had the same problem in chem my senior year. but i'm bout to drop my english calls

wow... class

lol. got a little button happy there
by clinegirlpillowoctavius22 October 08, 2009
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the act of getting way to excited when doing something involving buttons, such as guitar hero when you get so worked up you don't even know where your fingers are going. This also happens when typing up heated instant messages or long paragraphs. it's like your fingers have turrets.
I know man I got too button happy and started pushing random ones without even looking
by DribblingYo May 30, 2011
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