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Happy 9th is a gathering of young men at Loyola academy in the passing period between 8th and 9th(last) period. When this gathering takes place every day 50-100 young men arrive in the men’s bathroom next to the east gym to wish everyone a happy 9th period. When someone enters they receive a warm welcome and the chant of "HAPPY 9TH". This then is disbanded just in time for everyone to reach their classes and have a wonderful 9th period!
McCann(at lunch)-"whos hitting up happy 9th, its so gnar!"
jack-"i am its the s**t"
fitz-"hey watch your language herman, but where/what is it?"
McCann-"its like an in-school party that gets you hyped for last period. its in the bathroom next to the east gym. hit it up. im stoked!"
by yeswemccann October 03, 2012
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