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sexual manuver in which a man has a woman in the infamous pile driver position so her genitalia and anus are facing the ceiling. Before inserting his penis into the womans vagina, the man tucks both of his testicles into the ass-hole of the woman being hammer moved. The man proceeds to have intercourse with the woman, all the while his balls are nestled in her turd splitter. After the man is finished, for it to be considered a TRUE hammer move, he will remove his penis and slowly pull away from the woman, stretching his balls until they pop out of her ass. As soon as this is achieved, the man must utter the legendary words "boo-yah."
Mr. Shmuckatelli: "Hey, baby, I think we're ready to take our relationship to the next level... tonight, you're getting the hammer move."

Mrs. Shmuckatelli: "lets get to going..."
by G. Ridley June 16, 2008
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