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An individual (mostly 16-17 year old boys) who play nothing but Halo and claim its the greatest game on Earth when clearly it is just another first person shooter.They are very close-minded about other games and even systems other then Xbox and they aren't afraid to disrespect old school games that are the result of Halo (games such as Doom, Quake, and other games)

Halofags also really hate Nintendo because its too "kiddy" not knowing that most of these "kiddy gamers" have been playing games alot longer then they have and don't even realize that Mario and other games are much older then Halo.

Below are several other facts about halofags.

-Halofags get really mad if they lose, often resulting in a controller being thrown at a wall or at someone.
-Halofags often scream really stupid stuff when playing with friends.
-Halofags diss gamers around them if they are playing any other game that isn't on Xbox.
-There is no point in arguing with a Halofag..they will ALWAYS fight back with retarded and close-minded comments.
-Halofags value graphics over gameplay.
Halofag 1: What are those two playing over there?
Halofag 2: Street Fighter something..all I know is it's something gay.
by Jeff Leeking August 27, 2007
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basicly a game junkie who dedicates his whole life to a simple ass video game
jimmy and tommy had a chance to get laid but instead of getting laid they were halo fags and played the video game and prolly stroked off .
by bill II August 11, 2005
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(1.)The simple faggotry of a noob playing Halo, acting like he is the boss of the game.

(2.)The actions of a noob causing the betryal of his/her team while playing the game.
Get this motha fucking Halo Fag out of the game.

Brawler1207: Okay, lets protect the flag, hey DemiGodWaffle go on the south-side.


Brawler1207:............What dude we are protecting the fucking flag.

Halo Fag: I'm Rick James Bitch!!!!

Brawler1207 *Snipes Halo Fag in the head*


*Halo Fag quits*
by Brawler1207 (Darius Hill) April 12, 2010
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