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Halki; the king of kings. This person is kind and witty. He's got two personalities. One for businesses and one for when he's with friends. This person is sometimes referred to as "The Chosen One" and descends from the bloodline destined to defeat the Difrancesco in eternal combat. If the Halki is ever defeated by the Difrancesco the world will face destruction and kinky torture by the defilers hands. Legend says the Chosen One rests dormant waiting for the Difrancesco to return.

It is also notable that a path of chaos and destruction ironically follows the Chosen One when defending Existence. Usually by pure bad luck and chance.
Remember when Halki used a spirit bomb on the orphanage?

Where were you when the Halki saved the universe?

I heard that halki is fighting Difrancesco again.
by atlas guide February 12, 2014
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