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Known to have once been a whole bee, Eric, (featured in a Monty Python sketch) is now only half of a bee. Often seen as "some freak at a menagerie", Eric ("the half-a-bee") is in fact not, merely just a "half-a-bee": A bee bisected accidentally one summer's afternoon by a one John Cleese. Who, it is known, now loves him carnally. Semi-carnally. Syril Connerly. etc.
Eric the half-a-bee has featured in a number of main-stream television programming. He not hosts his own chat-show.
by Midday Afternoon. July 09, 2003
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An internets message board beta male. Also a term used for a guy who walks into a bar with his girlfriend, only to have her dump him for someone she just met.
We went to the Blueroom in Adam's Morgan and she halfabeed me with some guy who wouldn't shut up about how rich he was.
by halfabee June 17, 2006
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