50% serious. Misunderstood. Serious and kidding simultaneously. Extraterrestrial soul. A madman's 'thought experiment' was simply just a thought. You decide your own level of involvement. Where are the words??? Ambivalent. Lukewarm. Outcast, weirdo, creep, misfit, loner, etc. Inability to conform. Impractical emotion. Not grounded. Lack of Earth signs in an Astrological Natal chart. am always half serious most people are either being serious or not. If being serious was a high school class a half serious person would always have a failing grade. Thoughts and feelings equally. Half(baked)Serious(stoned). Calm down I was only being half serious!!! Serious about being half serious. Nothing left to do laugh at the absurdity of everything. Invent your own meaning because I'm tired and others misinterpret everything I write or say anyways.
Don't get too emotional I am only half serious.
by 0zero0zero0zero0fun February 22, 2021
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Just kidding and being serious simultaneously. Mocking just kidding and being serious simultaneously. Please don't get emotional I'm only being Half-Serious. Bringing the chaos to back to conformity which spawned it. A fluid definition. Frustrating to the frustrating. Bringing the chaos to the conformists. Being grey but viewed as either black or white by others. Misunderstood. Lethargic and apathetic. Unable to stay grounded. A protest emotion of one's own emotions. Protesting being both serious and apathetic. Half-Serious about protests. A failing grade in being Serious. Whatever you need it to mean whenever you need it. Lazy or tired: I'm only Half-Serious make your own definitions for the other half of Half-Serious please and thank you!
Calm the fuck down people I'm only Half-Serious!
by 0zero0zero0zero0fun February 22, 2021
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