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A afro-like mound of hair covering a woman's upper and lower fluffer, generally seen on a sexually frustrated or confused lass, whom is physically unaware of the mass amounts of hair follicles, ranging from .6-9 inches long, sprouting out of her too-tight pot-vagina induced acid washed jeans. (though the 80's fashion trends have died out, this one has some how found a reason to stay)
"Holy shit dude! Check out the hairy mound on Melinda!"
"Damn!! Let me get out my weed wacker!"
by Cleveland Mound March 20, 2008
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a thick matted mass of pubes, sweat and piss amongst other things, rendering the female genetalia almost unreachable
well lets just get these knickers dow.....HOLY SHIT THATS ONE HAIRY MOUND!
by TDi May 18, 2006
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