Someone who doesn't like Haight Ashbury, i.e. The Man and Company.
Haighter: "Haight Ashbury should be destroyed; it's just a place for druggies, burnout hippies, and other deviants to congregate."

Haightee: "FUCK YOU, SUIT!"
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residents or individuals hailing from the Lower-Haight subdistrict of San Francisco. This is the portion of Haight St. beginning with the intersection of Divisadero St. all the way until Haight Street intersects with Market street. The title is a point of pride for members of the dynamic, hip urban-esque subdistrict as it separates (us) from petchouli oil soaked middle-class runaways from the midwest who tend to flock to and occupy the upper Haight-Ashbury sub-district located between Golden Gate and Buena Vista Parks.
I live above Molotov's. I'm a 'lower haighter'.
by Movida Man March 11, 2009
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