Hagyrants, (also known as Jeff Hagy) is a YouTuber who makes videos exposing fake YouTubers. Hagy has over 20,000 subscribers, and has been featured on a channel known as "Dramaalert". Hagy got most of his subscribers exposing a youtuber known as "Mcjuggernuggets". Doing so, Hagy grabbed the attention of a small youtuber named, "Edward Hubbard" sparking Edward to call Hagy a bully. This created a YouTube war between Hagy's friends and Edwards friends. Hagy now spends his time on YouTube, making live podcasts with his friends Tindill and Jefftutorials.
Ryan: Did you see Mcjuggernuggets get exposed by Hagyrants?
James: Yea Hagyrants is awesome.
by Slicknick1223 January 27, 2017
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Hagyrants is a term that is very often used in the Youtube community for people who lie, scam and harass others. Hagyrants is a well knows cyber bully who dedicated his Youtube channel to make people's lives a misery just to make himself feel better.
Did Jeff scam you again? Yeah, he pulled a Hagyrants.
by Jizzly Boy January 8, 2019
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