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1. A gay male who mainly has heterosexual females as friends.
2. The opposite of faghag
3. A more polite way of calling your best friend a faggot, homosexual, gay
My Hagfag and me are going to go shopping.
by Daniel Contreras January 17, 2005
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The opposite of a fag hag: a single gay male who is close friends with a number of overweight straight single females.
If Hugh Hefner was a fag, and his bunnies were hags, he would be the mother of all hag fags
by Flag Hag January 04, 2006
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The opposite of a fag hag; a gay guy who purposefully seeks groups of women to hang with, usually fat chicks, in order to improve his self esteem through adoration from said chicks or to hit on guys attracted to his all girl posse in the hopes of turning one.
Phillipe is such a hag fag; he has six fat friends who just blow sunshine up his butt all day.
by vrosej10 November 19, 2009
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